3D Measuring with Laser Tracker

3D Measuring with Laser Tracker

Dimensional measurements, geometric tolerances, comparison with the 3D nominal of the piece. Large volume parts. Dimensional reports.

The FARO Vantage and VantageE Laser Trackers are measuring machines for extremely precise portable coordinates, which allow you to manufacture products, optimise processes and offer solutions, taking measurements in a quick, easy and precise manner.


Inspection of large pieces

Large-scale measuring is something that many industries, such as those of aerospace, automotive and the construction of heavy material, have in common. But taking these measurements can be an uncomfortable and lengthy task. Thanks to the revolutionary metrology tools for large volumes from FARO, the times of uncomfortable tasks are now over.


Faults in alignment lead to periods of inactivity and the decrease in the performance of the machinery, but portable measuring machines (CMM) offer excellent alignment solutions, such as laser tracking systems and measuring arms.

Calibration of machines

Incorrect parts are usually the result of a poorly calibrated machine. The fast calibration revisions performed by the portable machines with CMM by FARO® allow for the volumetric accuracy to be verified. Therefore, production is optimised and the period of inactivity is minimised.

CAD-based inspection

The CMM portable machines by FARO® simplify the implementation of tolerances and geometric dimensions (GD&T) and are efficient and easy-to-use solutions for 3D CAD-based inspections.

With its versatile non-contact and contact measuring possibilities, tools such as FaroArm, FARO ScanArm and FARO Laser Tracker can use the CAD overlays to verify complex geometrics against the design or the CAD comparison in order to evaluate deviations and guarantee that all parts comply with a precise tolerance.

Dimensional analysis

The pieces which are manufactured vary in shape and size, which makes it necessary to use flexible 3D metrology tools in order to verify their precision and quality.

Nowadays, many machine workshops are equipped with CMM portable machines by FARO®, along with measuring arms and laser tracking systems. These machines satisfy numerous dimensional measurement requirements, such as online and machine inspection and CAD comparison, in order to guarantee that all of the required tolerances are met.

Receipt inspection

Identifying defective parts from providers when they arrive allows for strict quality standards to be established and maintained. The implementation of an exhaustive receipt inspection avoids said parts reaching the assembly process, therefore avoiding costly disposal and adaptations.

By integrating the CMM portable machines by FARO®, as well as measuring arms, into the receipt inspection process operators can quickly determine whether these pieces comply or not with the requirements and specifications.

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